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​Jump-Start Your iOS Team With Our ​Unit Testing Class  

​Many developers have ​limited head-knowledge of unit testing, with little idea of how to practically apply it—especially to iOS code. I can help your team overcome the obstacles that keep them from consistently writing unit tests for their production code. This will accelerate their ability to ship.

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Brad DeWitt

“​We worked with Jon to create a custom 1 day course on writing ‘testable code’.  He listened to our goals, learned about how we work, and created a great day of interactive and relevant content that our devs are actively applying.”

​Brad DeWitt / ​VP Mobile Development, Synchrony Financial

​Course Content and Logistics

  • ​Choosing XCTest assertions
  • Checking and improving failure reporting
  • ​Writing custom assertion helpers
  • Arrange / Act / Assert
  • ​Getting setUp() and tearDown() correct
  • Identifying difficult dependencies
  • Dependency Injection techniques
  • ​Getting started testing a View Controller
  • Using a protocol to substitute a singleton

​Duration: ​1 day

Capacity: 5–20 people

Location: Client site

Programming Language: Swift or Objective-C

​This class is a ​dynamic day combining discussion, whiteboarding in groups​, and collaborative coding. Everyone comes away with new tools they can begin applying right away.

For an even better jump-start, add follow-up coaching. This shifts the focus ​from learning concepts to achieving breakthroughs in your codebase. We recommend adding 1 day of coaching on-site, ​followed by remote coaching as needed.

About the Teacher

​Jon Reid

Jon is the author of iOS Unit Testing by Example: XCTest ​Tips and Techniques Using Swift. He has ​been writing “developer tests” on Apple platforms for 18 years.

Jon ​discovered a love of teaching through his popular ​TDD for iOS Workshop.

​​Click below to ​ask about pricing & scheduling an on-site class at your company.

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