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How to Do UIViewController TDD


This screencast focuses on the question I get the most: “Do you do test-driven development for view controllers?” It’s clearly a roadblock for many people. This screencast should remove that roadblock.

It also answers the question, “Is it worth doing?”


  • Three types of unit test verification
  • View controller unit tests: the trick
  • TDD demo
  • How UIViewController TDD can actually help you code faster

…I did mess up something pretty big, and I don’t mean the nib and coding mistakes, which the unit tests successfully caught. I mean my failure to test the labels of the two buttons. I was so eager to show you how to test button behavior, that I forgot about how important it is to test button labels. So my apologies there, but I thought it was more important to get the information out than to try again.

Show notes:

See also: Testability, Information Hiding, and the Class Trying to Get Out, a follow-up discussion about whether to expose outlets and actions in the interface.

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