Exploring Test-Driven iOS Development with Jon Reid

March 23, 2021


Where does test-driven development (TDD) sit in the iOS ecosystem? Here’s a podcast about how I depend on TDD to develop software, and the backstory for why I do.

Darko Fabijan, co-founder of Semaphore, invited me onto his podcast Semaphore Uncut. We had a very enjoyable half-hour chatting about how test-driven development is still somewhat foreign to the iOS community. What might iOS folks learn from the dev communities of other languages and platforms?

You can find an edited transcript, including links, at Semaphore. (If you want a complete transcript, let me know and I’ll work on preparing it.)

After recording this podcast, I joined the team of coaches at Industrial Logic. Check out my bio there.

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Check out this half-hour Semaphore Uncut podcast featuring @darkofabijan chatting with @qcoding

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Jon Reid

About the author

Programming was fun when I was a kid. But working in Silicon Valley, I saw poor code lead to fear, with real human costs. Looking for ways to make my life better, I learned about Extreme Programming, including unit testing, test-driven development (TDD), and refactoring. Programming became fun again! I've now been doing TDD in Apple environments for 20 years. I'm committed to software crafting as a discipline, hoping we can all reach greater effectiveness and joy. Now a coach with Industrial Logic!

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