TDD Sample App: The Complete Collection …So Far


When I began my TDD Sample App, my hope was that it would help us explore a number of topics around TDD and Clean Code.

On one hand, the app itself has barely progressed. However, the blog posts cover a surprising variety of topics.

Subject categories (of all posts)

In fact, the sample-related posts span across my blog categories:

But a problem with these category archives is it’s hard to see what’s related to the Marvel Browser project. And now there are really two sample apps: one in Objective-C, and one in Swift. I hope to keep them going in parallel.

The TDD Sample App posts

So here are the posts specifically about the sample app, in order:

  1. TDD Sample App: 20 Topics that May Spill Out
  2. Xcode Warnings: Can You Turn Them Up to Eleven?
  3. Spike Solutions: 7 Techniques You Can Use
  4. Is Apple Stuffing Your Code with Pointless Cruft?
  5. How to Rearrange Xcode Projects to Increase Testing
  6. How to Easily Switch Your App Delegate for Testing
  7. 7 TDD Techniques from a Case Study
  8. But Does It Work? Boost Confidence with Acceptance Tests
  9. Request Model: How to Architect Web Service Apps
  10. Value Objects: AppCode’s Code Generation to the Rescue
  11. TDD Networking with DI: Is It Really That Easy?
  12. 3 Reasons Why It’s Important to Refactor Tests
  13. How to Avoid Problems with Assertion Test Helpers
  14. How to Make Your Own OCHamcrest Matcher for Powerful Asserts
  15. Can TDD Be Simple? With Preparation, Yes
  16. How a TDD Mistake Revealed an Error in My Design
  17. What Would MacGyver Do? Quickly Hack a Spike Test!
  18. Look, Mom! My First Spike Solution in Swift
  19. How Can Swift Language Features Improve Testability?
  20. I Found a Design Pattern for Tests that Do Real Networking
  21. How Does Swift Support Stubbing and Mocking?
  22. How to Design Swift Mock Objects
  23. Have You Wished You Could Fake a Return Value in Swift?
  24. Your TDD Will Improve as Your Design Sense Improves
  25. JSON Parsing: One of the Easiest Places for TDD beginners
  26. 100% Coverage of Edge Cases: How to Safely Parse JSON
  27. Revealing Hidden Objects: Can DDD Improve Your Code?
  28. Refactoring Demo: Is It More than Just Changing Stuff?
  29. How to Mock Standalone Functions …Without Changing the Call Sites

These posts only scratch the surface. I have a lot, lot more I hope to explore and share with you. Subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss a thing!

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