Jon Reid teaching about Model View Presenter

Jon Reid speaking in Poland at MCE^3. Photo courtesy of Natasha Murashev @NatashaTheRobot

“Ensures high-quality work, and enthuses others”


Jon always seeks out the best ways to ensure high-quality work, and to enthuse others with that desire. I've had the pleasure of watching him speak about TDD and quality coding on numerous occasions, and always learn not only how to advance my craft but how a passionate engineer shares their advances with their community.

Graham Lee (Author)

“One of the best”


Jon was voted as the best speaker of the first MCE conference. I think many of the developers who saw his presentations at our conferences were convinced they should at least try TDD in their own practice.

He is easily one of the best presenters I have seen at technology conferences. I highly recommend Jon as speaker and teacher! In addition to all the content, experience, teaching skills - Jon also has a great personality that allows him to build relationship with people quickly, making his trainings and presentations more personable and approachable.

Jarek Potiuk (MCE conference organizer)

“I discovered a TDD thought leader”


I saw Jon speak at Code Camp. Between the content and the presentation style, I realized I'd discovered my second TDD thought leader—that the content was perfect for engineering leaders. I engaged Jon to present it to our Silicon Valley Engineering Leadership Community audience—so for me it was the second time, and well worth the replay!

Ron Lichty (VP Engineering)