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Hi, I’m Jon Reid, the author of iOS Unit Testing by Example.

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TDD for SwiftUI

SwiftUI is still code. How much should we unit test? What about TDD, will it be helpful?

TDD for networking

TDD works great for networking code. What does it look like with modern async Swift?


How do we stitch everything together in a way that makes it easy to read, test, and change?

Story slicing

Deliver value as soon as possible using story slicing. Visualize the work with a discovery tree.

“The benefits from working with Jon have been tremendous, and I would say life-changing. Jon essentially made me a more empathetic, intentional, disciplined, and knowledgeable developer. I am better equipped to produce cleaner, maintainable, and scalable software.”

Seab Jackson, iOS Developer

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About My Previous Work

My entire plan for today is to read @qcoding’s new book on unit testing cover to cover. For years Jon has provided thoughtful, high-quality, and entertaining articles about testing on his site, and I have no doubt this book will rock – always keep learning, folks!

Paul Hudson

Hacking with Swift

If you ever get a chance to take a TDD workshop from Jon I highly recommend it! First day today was educational and a lot of fun!

Jordan Young

iOS Developer

Audrey Tam

I benefited from immersion learning and mob programming with the TDD expert, with advice and guidance based on real-world experience. I knew TDD was “a good thing” but it seemed just that little bit too hard to start doing it. I learned exactly what it means to write just enough code to make the test pass.

Audrey Tam


Jon is really great to work with. His dedication and his teaching style are incredible. I would love to work with him again for mentoring, and recommend him to anyone who wants to learn advanced unit testing.

Muhammad Junaid

iOS Engineer

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