TDD for iOS Workshop

Test-driven development (TDD) is a core practice of Technical Agility. Yet few companies practice it, then wonder why they’re having trouble with agility. Fewer still apply it to Apple platforms.

Like riding a bicycle, TDD isn’t something you can learn from just reading a book. In this workshop, we learn by doing! If you’re a programmer with basic familiarity of iOS development, you’re ready.

Your trainer will be Jon Reid, author of iOS Unit Testing by Example: XCTest Tips and Techniques Using Swift. Jon has been practicing TDD on Apple platforms for 21 years.

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Workshop Info

  • Content

  • Logistics

  • Background

What you will learn

  • Why do TDD?
  • Recommended tools
  • The Three Steps: Red, Green, Refactor
  • The Three Laws: Growing test code and production code in parallel
  • Writing focused, readable tests
  • Emergent Design: Evolving a solution that meet your needs
  • Refactoring: Changing the design in small, verified steps
  • How to TDD view controllers
  • Test doubles (stubs, mocks, fakes)
  • How to add tests to legacy code


Check what our clients say about us

Instead of just explaining TDD, Jon helped us embrace it in a mob development setup. TDD this way is also a better way of working together effectively: everyone is part of the project, contributing and learning from others. And not only in theory: Jon helped us with our actual codebase.


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Even though you think you know TDD, having Jon take us through his training and coaching proved to be eye-opening. His training has given our team the push to really start doing TDD right.


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In his TDD/iOS workshop, Jon teaches a very practical, hands-on approach on how to implement TDD and write quality testable code. He fills a huge void in the iOS community when it comes to unit-testing and quality. Jon’s iOS/TDD workshop is a must-have if your organization takes quality seriously.

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Jon did a fantastic job covering the various topics and techniques on unit testing, TDD, and even pairing/mobbing specifically on the iOS platform. I love how the workshop was very hands-on and collaborative. After the workshop, the entire team came away energized and ready to apply all the learnings to our day-to-day work. I would highly recommend this workshop if your team is looking to learn more about TDD in iOS.


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Anyone who cares about unit testing for iOS would benefit from this workshop. It's a great way to get through the hard part of writing the first few tests and starting to think about writing tests first.


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The TDD Workshop was excellent! I appreciated Jon’s approach; having us work through TDD problems really solidified the material in a way that just lecturing would not have. He also made writing tests fun and enjoyable. We’ve significantly increased our test coverage after his workshop.


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