Time to Take Your Technical Agility to the Next Level?

Unit testing and test-driven development may seem simple enough in toy projects. But we don’t learn skills for toy projects; we want to apply them to our actual working code. If you spend too much time beating your head against difficulties, there’s a danger you may give up trying before reaching the breakthroughs.

I want to help you succeed. I can help you carve out areas of tested safety in your code. I can save you time by bringing my years of experience in adding unit tests to legacy iOS code. Together we can find ways to make your code easier to change.

Things We Might Do

What we do depends on your needs and desires.

Add Tests to Existing Code

This is where most teams get stuck. The code resists tests, because it wasn’t written with testing in mind. Working with legacy code like this gets me excited, because it’s full of opportunities.

Reduce the Time it Takes to Get Test Feedback

Swift/Objective-C interoperability can kill your build time if done incorrectly. Build settings can have an impact. And there are framework strategies, for both test code and production code.

Discuss Your Software Development Processes

Can you change the way you deliver features so that you can get earlier feedback from customers? This is the heart of agility.

Hiring me as your coach

Book an appointment with me by the hour. We can work using video conferencing and screen sharing. You hire me as you might hire a tutor or a music teacher. Schedule regular appointments, or book them as you need them.

Learned advanced unit testing

I didn't know how to write better unit tests for my iOS app, and wanted to learn how to test complex code. These sessions helped me to write apps in a test-driven way. My time with Jon will help me in my career as I learned a lot of awesome unit testing concepts.

Jon is really great to work with. His dedication and his teaching style are incredible. I would love to work with him again for mentoring, and recommend him to anyone who wants to learn advanced unit testing.

Muhammad J.

(iOS Engineer)


Efficient remote sessions

“The team was very enthusiastic and is eager to apply this in their daily work, and that was exactly the goal of course! Remote sessions worked fine and were very efficient.”

Kim E.

(Engineering Manager)


Impactful and friendly

“Jon helped us with our actual codebase, impressing me with his skill of making impacting code changes on a large codebase he had just seen. And all of this in a friendly setup.”

Mario P.

(Mobile Architect)


Helped me to learn

“Scheduling a coaching session with Jon helped me to learn how to structure my code so it can be easily tested. This will help me to create code that can be easily tested from the start!”

Kevin T.

(iOS Developer)