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Unit testing and Test-Driven Development can seem simple enough in toy projects. But we don’t learn skills for toy projects; we want to apply them to our actual working code. If you spend too much time beating your head against difficulties, there’s a danger you may give up trying before reaching the breakthroughs.

I want to help you succeed. I can help you carve out areas of tested safety in your code. I can save you time by bringing my years of experience in adding unit tests to legacy iOS code. Together we can find ways to make your code easier to change.

What we might do

  • ​add unit tests to existing iOS code
  • refactor the current ​code
  • ​practice Test-Driven Development
  • ​code review / test review
  • ​reduce ​the time it takes to get test feedback
  • discuss your software development processes
Jon with headset and coffee, ready to coach

Jon Reid

Technical Agile Coach

​Learn more about Jon, the author of iOS Unit Testing by Example: XCTest Tips and Techniques Using Swift


Book an appointment with me by the hour. We ​can work using video conferencing and screen sharing. You hire me as you might hire a tutor or a music teacher. ​Schedule regular appointments, or book them as you need them.

The best way to accelerate your growth is to bring me on-site for a ​couple of days for a deep dive. ​Then we’d follow this with ​periodic remote sessions. This gives us both a chance to learn, experiment, and try things.

Jon helped us with our actual codebase, impressing me with his skill of making impacting code changes on a large codebase he had just seen. And all of this in a friendly setup where everyone, from the most senior to the youngest developer to Jon himself, came out acknowledging they learned something.

Architect Mobile Native

Jon’s coaching was very beneficial for helping me get my start with testing in iOS. I’m new to programming, and scheduling a coaching session with Jon helped me to learn how to structure my code so it can be easily tested. This will help me to create code that can be easily tested from the start!

iOS Developer

As a coach Jon takes enough time to understand your team and your troubles. This allows him to tailor his suggestions perfectly to your needs. Also after his coaching is done, he makes sure to execute on any promised follow-up he mentions, even in passing, during his time with you and your team.

Lead Engineer

I had issues imagining exactly how to shape my code to be unit testable, and most of the time I didn't even know where to start. I think what Jon is doing is really cultivating a culture of learning, especially in the field of writing good quality code.

iOS Developer

Team is testing away and I'm happy to report that 2 issues have already been caught BEFORE going to Production as a result of pipeline automation and a lot more attention to writing and maintaining good tests. Already paying off!

Engineering Manager