I offer a number of commercial services:

  • On-site training: TDD Workshop
  • Consulting / Code review
  • Freelance software development

If you’d like to discuss these, or have something else in mind, please contact me.

Jon Reid teaching

Photo courtesy of Natasha Murashev @NatashaTheRobot

Jorge D. Ortiz-Fuentes Instructor & Consultant

Differentiating factor with my competitors

Jon showed me how to apply many of the concepts about unit testing to iOS. It was the one thing I needed in order to use it everywhere. Jon is one of the few who knows the stuff and knows how to explain it. My customers value my knowledge about testing and it is always a differentiating factor with my competitors. I owe a lot of it to Jon.

Rick Van Voorden iPhone Developer

The single biggest influence

Jon approaches software as a craftsman. In my years as a professional, learning from Jon has probably been the single biggest influence on the way I write software today.