Quality Coding
Jon Reid head shot

​Jon Reid

​Technical Agile Coach — Quality Coding, Inc.

​Jon Reid is a leading expert in unit testing and Test-Driven Development for iOS development. He has been practicing TDD on Apple platforms since 2001, and is the author of iOS Unit Testing by Example: XCTest Tips and Techniques Using Swift.


​We worked with Jon to create a custom 1-day course on writing ‘testable code’.  He listened to our goals, learned about how we work, and created a great day of interactive and relevant content that our devs are actively applying.
​​​​Brad DeWitt — ​VP Mobile Development
​Jon showed me how to apply many of the concepts about unit testing to iOS. ​Jon is one of the few who knows the stuff and knows how to explain it. My customers value my knowledge about testing and it is always a differentiating factor with my competitors.
​Jorge D. Ortiz-Fuentes — ​Instructor & Consultant
​Instead of just explaining TDD, Jon helped us embrace it. And not only in theory: Jon helped us with our actual codebase, impressing me with his skill of making impacting code changes on a large codebase he had just seen.
​Mario Negro Ponzi — ​​Architect Mobile Native

​Head shot by Rob Sirota Photography​. Other photos courtesy of CocoaConf, Natasha Murashev @NatashaTheRobot, #Pragma Conference