Dev managers: When it comes to things like unit testing, TDD, software design, and refactoring, don't assume new hires “know this stuff.” They don't teach it in college. Chances are they don't know it. That's where I come in. ?

Jon Reid head shot

​Jon Reid

​Technical Agile Coach — Quality Coding, Inc.

​Jon Reid is a leading expert in unit testing and Test-Driven Development for iOS development. He has been practicing TDD on Apple platforms since 2001, and is the author of iOS Unit Testing by Example: XCTest Tips and Techniques Using Swift.


​We worked with Jon to create a custom 1-day course on writing ‘testable code’.  He listened to our goals, learned about how we work, and created a great day of interactive and relevant content that our devs are actively applying.
​​​​Brad DeWitt — ​VP Mobile Development
​Jon showed me how to apply many of the concepts about unit testing to iOS. ​Jon is one of the few who knows the stuff and knows how to explain it. My customers value my knowledge about testing and it is always a differentiating factor with my competitors.
​Jorge D. Ortiz-Fuentes — ​Instructor & Consultant
​Instead of just explaining TDD, Jon helped us embrace it. And not only in theory: Jon helped us with our actual codebase, impressing me with his skill of making impacting code changes on a large codebase he had just seen.
​Mario Negro Ponzi — ​​Architect Mobile Native

​Head shot by Rob Sirota Photography​. Other photos courtesy of CocoaConf, Natasha Murashev @NatashaTheRobot, #Pragma Conference