My Interview on the NSBrief Podcast


NSBrief is a fun and informative podcast about Cocoa “developer-y topics.” I’m honored that I had my moment of glory on Episode #97: Jon Reid.


Host extraordinaire Saul Mora and I had an hour-and-a-half conversation about iOS unit testing, test driven development, and such.

There are a quite a few other episodes, but I’d like to recommend two in particular relating to testing:

Do you have any questions about anything we said during the podcast? Leave a comment below.

About the Author Jon Reid

Jon is a consultant on Clean Code for iOS, focusing on Test Driven Development, unit testing, refactoring, and design. He's been practicing TDD since 2001. You can learn more about his background, or see what services he can bring to your organization.

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  • Matt Pease says:

    Hi Jon –

    I used to live in SF, but its funny… now that I am travelling I am learning more about programming than I managed in SF. Probably I was spending too much time looking for parking spaces / moving the car. ;-)

    Anyhow, your podcast is awesome. Wish I had this info last year when I was trying to manage a prolific, yet rather messy developer. Thank you!


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