My Unit Testing Interview on the NSBrief Podcast 

 June 10, 2013

by Jon Reid


NSBrief is a fun and informative podcast about Cocoa “developer-y topics.” I’m honored that I had my moment of glory on Episode #97: Jon Reid.

Host extraordinaire Saul Mora and I had an hour-and-a-half conversation about iOS unit testing, test-driven development, and such.

There are a quite a few other episodes, but I’d like to recommend two in particular relating to testing:

Do you have any questions about anything we said during the podcast? Leave a comment below.

Jon Reid

About the author

Programming was fun when I was a kid. But working in Silicon Valley, I saw poor code lead to fear, with real human costs. Looking for ways to make my life better, I learned about Extreme Programming, including unit testing, test-driven development (TDD), and refactoring. Programming became fun again! I've now been doing TDD in Apple environments for 20 years. I'm committed to software crafting as a discipline, hoping we can all reach greater effectiveness and joy. Now a coach with Industrial Logic!

  • Hi Jon –

    I used to live in SF, but its funny… now that I am travelling I am learning more about programming than I managed in SF. Probably I was spending too much time looking for parking spaces / moving the car. ;-)

    Anyhow, your podcast is awesome. Wish I had this info last year when I was trying to manage a prolific, yet rather messy developer. Thank you!


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