Quality Coding: Europe 2014 Tour


For my European readers: I have two speaking engagements coming up in January 2014. The first is with Mobile Central Europe in Warsaw on January 11. I’m honored to be part of this brand new developer’s conference! Check out the cool conference trailer above.

Then after an eBay iOS Developer Meeting in Berlin on January 13 (for eBay Inc. employees only), I’ll be speaking at eBay Tech Talk in Berlin on January 14 (open to the public).

I hope to meet some of you soon!

September Update: I capped things off with iOSDevUK and NSSpain.

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  • PrideChung says:

    Happy new year, Jon. Shame I can’t be there, but they will record your presentation, right?

    • Jon Reid says:

      Yes, it was recorded and should be available pretty soon; keep your eyes on mobilecentraleurope.com

      • PrideChung says:

        Just watched the video, great talk! I was always wondering how to test networking code, and now I’m wondering how do you test UI code, looks like you don’t have time to cover this part in your talk.

        You already talked about testing alert view and action sheet in your blog, but these UI components are different from UIView. They take a model from you like title, text, button titles then turn them into a visual representation, you don’t have to do the heavy lifting like layouting views. But if you write a view from scratch, you need to consider much more, like auto layout, how to test constraints? I just can’t get my head around them.

        • Jon Reid says:

          Glad you liked the talk!

          The thing with view controllers is to move as much out as possible. For me, this means I use Model View Presenter to separate view logic from view representation. Then it becomes similar to the way you describe alert views: I’m testing that the view controller is asked to do the right thing by the presenter.

          For the view controller itself, I TDD the setting of basic properties on standard views. But layouts usually change so much during the course of development that it doesn’t make sense to lock them down with tests.

          • PrideChung says:

            Just did some digging about the MVP pattern, looks pretty similar to MVVM which I heard a lot recently. I will give it a shot, thanks Jon.

  • D Rant says:

    It’s March. I can’t hold rational discussion about how cool Objective-C is anymore because you’ve disappeared.

    Where are you, slacker?

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