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3 Easy Steps for Designing iOS Unit Tests


(While I’m busy finishing my book, here’s a guest post from Ellie Coverdale. Take it away, Ellie… —Jon)

Unit testing is an important part of establishing the correct functionality of the individual units of a single software program. Software can get deeply complex, with all sorts of potential elements making life more difficult for you as you try to get a picture of the program as a whole. The more complex the software, the more complex the units and, often, the more of them there are to have to contend with as you go through your development process.

By isolating components of your software you can put together a checklist that lets you establish what works and what doesn’t in your application. In essence, a unit test is not a particularly complex concept. In fact, it’s all about clarity and simplicity. However, architecting a unit test has a certain complexity to it that needs to be cut through for you to succeed in your goal. So, with all of that said, let’s look at three simple steps to constructing iOS unit tests with clarity and efficiency.

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