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AppCode vs. Xcode Unit Testing Battle


AppCode vs. Xcode: Which is easier to use for unit testing? Which gives better feedback?

I’ve written about the big improvements to OCMockito’s error reporting. But when I ran the tests, I saw striking differences between the two IDEs.

Screencast: Unit testing comparison

It’s easier to show than to explain, so watch the 4½-minute screencast…

For some reason, Xcode is mouse-centric. Maybe it demos better?

From its early days, AppCode has had a keyboard-centric design. It may not look as sexy, but it sure is faster to operate. It gives more feedback about unit tests, and fast feedback is key to staying “in the zone.” I spend less time clicking around, less time trying to find the results I need.

Xcode is mouse-centric. AppCode is keyboard-centric. If you want to move fast with your tools, the keyboard wins.

AppCode vs. Xcode: Depends on the language? Not any more

When I first wrote this post in April 2016, I said, “AppCode is still not ready for effective Swift coding.” But now I live in AppCode for Swift development. It doesn’t yet have all the refactoring support they offer for Objective-C. But it’s a start!

For Objective-C? No contest.

No matter what language you use, be sure to get my free set of test snippets for both AppCode & Xcode.

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