How to Set Up AppCode So It Doesn’t Beach Ball

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May 10, 2022


The very first time you use AppCode, it’s easy to conclude that all it does is beach-ball, and so is not worth the effort to learn, or the money to purchase. But all you need is to change one setting.

I’m Jon Reid with, and a coach with Industrial Logic. On many fronts—not all, but many—AppCode is a better IDE for Apple developers than Xcode:

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But if you download AppCode and try to use it on a real work project, it will seem painfully slow. That’s because it has a hard limit on how much memory to use. Let’s find out if this is a problem for you, then change that memory limit.

See How Much Memory AppCode Is Using

To see how much memory AppCode is using, go to the View menu ▶︎ Appearance ▶︎ Status Bar Widgets and enable Memory Indicator.

AppCode menu to enable Memory Indicator

When you do this, AppCode will show you the memory status in the bottom-right corner. Hover over it to see details of current memory use.

1694 of 2000M

Change AppCode Memory Settings

By default, AppCode uses 2000M for its maximum heap size. Except for very small projects, this is not enough. To increase the memory limit, go to the Help menu ▶︎ Change Memory Settings.

Change Memory Settings menu item

I recommend changing this to 5000M. Hit "Save and Restart" and AppCode will relaunch.

AppCode Memory Settings dialog

Then keep an eye on the memory indicator as you work. You will have a much better experience!

It's easy to conclude that all AppCode does is beach ball. But all you need is to change one setting.

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