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Use Tests to Gain New Power over iOS Code.

Learn how to build maintainable iOS code and test code. Then you can “respond to change,” because your code won’t fight you.

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The 3 Laws of TDD: Focus on One Thing at a Time

When I was first learning TDD, I’d try to get to the First Step (a failing test) by writing a fully-formed test. But it often took a lot fiddling to get that test to run and fail.

How Remote Mob Programming Is Working for Me

Ever since I experienced mob programming, it became my primary teaching tool. But due to COVID-19, it’s suddenly time for me to support remote workshops. Can mob programming work

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3 Easy Steps for Designing iOS Unit Tests

(While I’m busy finishing my book, here’s a guest post from Ellie Coverdale. Take it away, Ellie… —Jon) Unit testing is an important part of establishing the correct functionality of

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Learning Kotlin Showed Me the Truth About Xcode

In my first-ever live stream, I used a TDD exercise to learn the basics of Kotlin. In this recording, you can watch as I let the IDE guide me,

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I have to blame Jon. As I read through code, I start thinking about how can I test something, instead of simply adding another "quick fix." It's paying off, as more and more of the team catch their first bug using tests, or sleep better at night. Even customers are asking for tests now!

Diego Freniche

Mobile developer

I saw Jon speak at Code Camp. Between the content and the presentation style, I realized I'd discovered my second TDD thought leader — that the content was perfect for engineering leaders.

Ron Lichty

VP Engineering

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